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To translate a certificate issued from outside UAE, the certificate should fulfill all requirements. The certificate should be stamped first from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of issue then from the embassy of UAE in the country of issue or from the embassy of the country of issue in UAE. The last attestation is from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We give legal translation of all certificates so that you can use our official translation and achieve your transactions. You can submit our translation to any embassy within UAE or to any official department or entity within UAE.

You can send the certificate to our email along with a copy of the passport (if the translation is to English), or a copy of UAE ID or visa, if any (if the translation is to Arabic), then you can approach our office and get your certificate translated.

You can rely on Business Gate Legal Translation in

– Translating marriage certificates: Immigration authorities in Abu Dhabi requiring any certificate submitted to get a visa to be legally translated into Arabic. You may need to translate your marriage certificate to Arabic if you plan to bring your wife to Abu Dhabi.

– Translating birth certificates: if you plan to bring your family members to UAE i.e. your sons and daughters, you need to translate their birth certificate so that you can apply to get visas from immigration departments.

– Translating salary certificates: if you have a salary certificate from your company in Arabic and want to submit it to a foreign embassy like USA embassy, Canada embassy, or UK embassy, you need to translate it in English.

– Translating “TO Whom It May Concern” Certificates: if you have a certificate from your company in English and want to submit it to the embassy of an Arab country in UAE, you will need to translate it into Arabic by a sworn translator.

– Translating degree certificates: If you have a degree certificate in English and want to apply to labor, you need to translate this certificate to Arabic. If you want to write a profession in your labor contract, you have to submit the related degree certificate in Arabic to labor. Also if you want to study or complete your studies abroad, you may need to translate your relevant certificates to English.

Our legal translation services are recognized by:

– Embassy of USA.

– Embassy of United Kingdom.

– Embassy of Canada.

– Embassy of Switzerland.

– Embassy of South Africa.

– Embassy of Australia.

– Embassy of Canada.

– Embassy of Czech Republic.

– Embassy of Algeria.

– Embassy of Argentina.

– Embassy of Austria.

– Embassy of Azerbaijan.

– Embassy of Bahrain.

– Embassy of Bangladesh.

– Embassy of Belarus.

– Embassy of Belgium.

– Embassy of Benin.

– Embassy of Bosnia& Herzegovina.

– Embassy of Brazil.

– Embassy of Brunei.

– Embassy of China.

– Embassy of Czech Republic.

– Embassy of Egypt.

– Embassy of Eritrea.

– Embassy of Finland.

– Embassy of France.

– Embassy of Germany.

– Embassy of Greece.

– Embassy of Hungary.

– Embassy of India.

– Embassy of Indonesia.

– Embassy of Iraq.

– Embassy of Italy.

– Embassy of Japan.

– Embassy of Jordan.

– Embassy of Kuwait.

– Embassy of Lebanon.

– Embassy of Libya.

– Embassy of Malaysia.

– Embassy of Morocco.

– Embassy of Netherlands.

– Embassy of Oman.

– Embassy of Nigeria.

– Embassy of Norway.

– Embassy of Philippines.

– Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

– Embassy of Senegal.

– Embassy of Somalia.

– Embassy of Sudan.

– Embassy of Syria.

– Embassy of Tanzania.

– Embassy of Tunisia.

– Embassy of Turkmenistan.

– And more….


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