Last will and testament

Will and Testament are tightly connected to each other as will applies to real property (Distribution of your property among your beneficiaries) and testament refers to the disposals and actions (the way that the person/ persons you appoint to manage and supervise the will after death should follow to achieve the purpose of the will).

Why you need to translate a will?

To control the distribution of your wealth after your death, you should write your last will and testament to determine and name the assets of each beneficiary. If you are a Non Arabic speaker living in UAE and need to write your last will and testament, such will should be one side Arabic, one side English attested by a legalized translator so that you can proceed and notarize it from the Notary Public.

Why to choose Business Gate for Last will and testament translation?

All small details are taken in our consideration to avoid any kind of invalidation, by giving the highest possible quality up to the established legal standards such as having the same meaning of the original language.

To satisfy our clients and repay their faith in us we have established some regulations followed to produce the best last will and testament services, as follows:

  • Committing by the legal framework of the will and testaments, as the authorities settled an exact framework for wills and testaments. Our translators are trained enough to concentrate on the small details, which differentiates a will from another as in many times these small details may abolish the whole will.
  • Saving the secrets of the clients may be the most important concept in last will and testament services as we consider protecting these wills as our top priority.
  • The wills and testaments are translated through teamwork because the process of translation includes different specializations, thus each team member does his/her best to avoid any deficiency or any mistake during the translation process.

Your Last will and Testament may be made in respect of your assets such as movable and immovable properties situated in United Arab Emirates, including but not limited to your current and savings bank accounts, deposit accounts, your properties and your shares in any companies in United Arab Emirates (“Your UAE Estate”).

Why you should appoint the right trustees?

You should also appoint the right trustees as he may have some of these powers

* If any of your estate is held for a beneficiary who lacks full legal capacity, your trustees shall have power.

– To pay or apply any part of the income or capital falling to that beneficiary for his or her benefit in any manner your trustees think proper.

– To retain the same until such incapacity is ceased, accumulating income with capital,

– To pay over the same to the legal guardian or the person for the time being having the custody of that beneficiary, whose receipt shall be a sufficient discharge to your trustee.

* Your trustees may have the fullest power of retention, realization, investment, appropriation, transfer of property without realization and management of your estate as if they were absolute owners and not executors.

You can rely upon Business Gate Legal Translation services in drafting and translation of your Last Will and Testament to make sure the distribution of your estate will be done as you wish.

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