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Legal translation in Abu Dhabi is a very important industry, as there is a big number of foreigners living in Emirates from different nationalities estimated by more than 160 nationalities. These foreign residents often need to legalize their documents up to their purposes such as issuing driving license, residence permission, and many other things.

Therefore, the legal translation services are very important in Abu Dhabi as the official language of Emirates is Arabic and most of the mentioned foreigners hold documents in other languages such as Indian, Indonesian, English, Dutch, and so on. Furthermore, Abu Dhabi authorities don’t accept any document in any language other than Arabic. Our office aims to provide these services in the highest quality through committing important tips, which play the role of a featured item.

legal translation services in Abu Dhabi

By focusing on the legal translation services in Abu Dhabi, we will find high demand on translation, as there are many international projects and international investments that need to be issued officially in the ministry of trade and industry. And we have big confidence credit to clients from these categories, due to the sustainability in providing the best.

The market of Emirates is so open to the global world, thus the ministries, law offices, and media companies have strong relations with other countries so that the need for professional translation is tremendously required. All of the mentioned entities are looking for a high-quality translation in the shortest time and best prices, which we have used to be our concept during any translation process.

Why choose our legal translation services ?

Why choose us? Our legal translation office in Abu Dhabi is one of the most experienced offices in Emirates, thus we have gained the confidence of companies and individuals due to the high quality offered with competitive prices, which are combined with many special offers to guarantee your satisfaction.

Furthermore, the process of gaining the confidence of people from different nationalities is not easy because it is well known that the sustainability of high legal translation quality is our competitive advantage to satisfy the clients as much as we can.

Finally, you may need legal translation services of:

  • Marriage certificate translation to bring family to UAE.
  • Documenting the business activities in Arabic in some ministries like commerce and industry ministry.
  • Financial translation like balance sheets, income statements, and audit reports.
  • Birth certificate translation for bringing children to Emirates.
  • Driving licenses.

You can rely on Business gate legal translation services to achieve your transactions in a smooth and easy way.

legal translation abu dhabi

legal translation abu dhabi

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