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Legal translation services in Dubai are very important. In the last few decades, Dubai progressed tremendously to be a favorite destination for many people around the world for many purposes such as working, tourism, shopping, and investment. That led to the existence of nationalities of variety on a wide range, attached by a big number of foreign languages other than Arabic (official language in Emirates).

These foreigners hold documents in their mother language, which cannot be verified in Emirates; accordingly, Business Gate Legal Translation Dubai started to distinguish oneself by affording the legal translation services professionally up to clear standards and one goal, which is “customer satisfaction”.

Business Gate Legal Translation services in Dubai

Business Gate Legal Translation Dubai offers best quality legal translation services. Legal translation industry is very complex as it depends on a big number of factors that impact on the accuracy of the translation, in other words, every language has its expressions, culture, and law-dependent thus the legal translation process needs qualified translators that hold high degree of experience and skills to achieve the same meaning, which requires proficiency in the pair of languages. Our legal translators are conversant in all professional legal translation standards to meet the mentioned needs.

accredited legal translation Dubai

According to the importance of legal translation services, our office aims to give the best quality of translation that features us and maintains the confidence of our clients by meeting their expectations by affording the required assistance that can help both organizations and individuals. Our legal translators are registered with UAE Ministry of Justice so we can provide legal translation services recognized in all UAE.

Why to choose Business Gate Legal Translation Dubai?

Therefore, we established a clear vision to guarantee the high quality of the introduced services as following:
1. Consistent principles of the office: the legal translation services need an appropriate atmosphere that encourages the creativity so that the team working exists in any service provided, in addition to holding responsibility for giving the highest effort in the aim of our clients’ satisfaction.
2. Recruitment process: we have a professional crew, who are skilled and qualified enough to introduce good quality services in the expected quality of the clients and that’s due to committing by clear scales for choosing our employees.

our legal translation services  Dubai :

Business Gate Legal Translation Dubai provides several services to cover all the needs of the individuals and companies. Below are some of our services:
-Educational documents: we provide legal translation of educational documents such as transcripts and graduation certificates.
-Driving license: we provide legal translation services of all driving licenses.

-Medical Translation: the translation of medical certificates and reports is available in our office.
-Marriage certificates: we provide legal translation services of marriage certificates.
-Financial statements: the companies in Dubai are often in need to translate their financial statements such as the income statements, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.
-Invoices translation: you may need to translate your company invoices if there is a need to file a case to recover any debts. You may need to translate the contracts, delivery notes, purchase order, or any returned cheques to prove your right. You may also need to write a reply in Arabic to any memorandum submitted by the defendant.

You can rely on Business Gate Legal Translation to get the best legal translation services in Dubai.

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