power of attorney

A power of attorney is a written document granted by one person or some persons (whether this person is a natural person (a human being) or a legal person (a corporate) to another person to represent him and act on his behalf in some business affairs or legal matters. The person who gives the power of attorney is called the principal, and the person who is granted the power of attorney is called the attorney.

The most common types of powers of attorney in UAE

  • A power of attorney from an owner of an establishment (sole proprietorship) to another person.

This is the most common type of a power of attorney. The principal in his capacity as an owner of the establishment gives special powers and authorities to his attorney to manage the establishment and perform the necessary matters relating to ministry of labor and immigration affairs in respect of the employees of the establishment.

Note: The principal should make up his mind well regarding the powers and authorities he is giving to the attorney especially the powers relating to banking matters, loans and obtaining bank facilities.

  • A power of attorney from a partner in a limited liability company to another partner

In UAE, a limited liability company requires a memorandum of association in order to get the license. If the memorandum of association does not include the manger power and authorities, a partner may give a power of attorney to another partner to manage the company affairs.

  • A power of attorney from a natural person to another natural person

This power of attorney is given by a natural person to another natural person to manage and deal with his affairs or properties in usual. This type of power of attorney is given in usual due to the illness of the principal or if the principal is abroad and cannot appear before the authorities to perform transactions by himself.


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