Legal translation Dubai

Legal translation services in Dubai are very important. In the last few decades, Dubai progressed tremendously to be a favorite destination for many people around

certificate translation

To translate a certificate issued from outside UAE, the certificate should fulfill all requirements. The certificate should be stamped first from the Ministry of Foreign

Last will and testament

Will and Testament are tightly connected to each other as will applies to real property (Distribution of your property among your beneficiaries) and testament refers

Memorandum of Association

Memorandum of Association is a document required for the process of formation and registration of a company as per the applicable procedures. It should be

Certificate Attestation Services

You will need certificate attestation services if you want to apply for a visa for your child or wife, as you have to submit your

Legal Translation Abu Dhabi

Legal translation in Abu Dhabi is a very important industry, as there is a big number of foreigners living in Emirates from different nationalities estimated

power of attorney

A power of attorney is a written document granted by one person or some persons (whether this person is a natural person (a human being)

Driving License Abu Dhabi

For driving license abu dhabi, traffic department has launched a new online system for submission and translation of driving license. UAE residentss who are above

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